Monday, October 02, 2006

More Robby!

I hope these pictures will look better on the blog than they do on the edit screen. If not, I'm pretty sure they'll be clearer if you click on them.

Here he is, just a few hours old, and already sound asleep!

Every Sunday evening we have dinner with the same group of friends, usually in a local Applebee's restaurant. This is our friend, Mike, holding Robby. We have known Mike since we were all just kids.

And here are Tom and the sleepy baby. Tom was my boss in 1978-79, when I worked in the paint department at Montgomery Wards. He has been my best friend ever since, and was the first to get a smile from Robby's daddy, Nick, when he was a baby. That's Bruce behind them, another friend from many years back.

You can see that Robby is not quite so chubby as when he was born. He lost a whole pound in his first few days, but has regained 6 ounces.

I went to the fall knitting retreat at The Fifth Stitch in Defiance, Ohio on Saturday. There was Stash Enhancement! On the way home, I stopped at the Carter Baby Outlet in Fremont, Indiana and did further damage to my personal finances...but then, what's a new grandma to do! Robby's socks and a little cap are finished. He's wearing the socks in the dinner photos, but you can't see them. I've started a dishcloth blanket for him in Lion Brand Homespun, and another little cap for Rebeckah, another friend's new baby daughter.