Sunday, November 27, 2011

A single yellow flower

Because yellow is my favorite color, and it is a dark and dreary day here.
Yellow cheers me, and reminds me of good friends.

and two pair of finished socks for my grandsons.
The little ones are Ethan's, in some leftover Regia (I think) from my sister's stash. 
The larger pair is Robby's, in DK weight, I think Emu, from my stash, in Green Bay Packers colors.  He wanted house socks in orange (his favorite color), but I didn't have any DK orange in my stash, and I am knitting entirely from stash at the moment.

Nothing much new going on. Thanksgiving was very nice and I am now a year older, having turned fifty-five on Thanksgiving Day.
I qualify now for the Senior Discount at the movie theater.