Saturday, October 30, 2010

I love these socks...Patons Kroy Sock from the FX line, in Clover Colors.  The picture does not do justice to the glorious colors in the top sock. I mention the top sock in particular because the two balls of yarn were from different dyelots and the colors are quite different, much more vibrant in the sock on the top.  I am unconcerned with having fraternal twins rather than identical ones, but the thing that bothers me about this pair of socks is that the two balls of yarn knitted up at different gauges so the socks are two different sizes! 
Because it's Kroy, the balls of yarn ran a bit short.  I have two more balls of this yarn, so I just added a bit to finish the toes. I'll pick up another ball and then will have enough to finish a second pair in the same color...I love it THAT much!
The colors are much more like the ones in the sunrise picture below, taken in my yard one early morning last spring.
I've been fairly industrious lately and have completed this pair of socks, too. The yarn is Walk Away from Yarn Bee, also purchased at Hobby Lobby and begun last January when I was working there.  It's not bad yarn, I guess, a little harsh to work with, somewhat tangly, but the ball had plenty of yardage to finish the pair of socks. 
I've also finished a pair of wee baby socks and a tiny baby hat for the forthcoming new grandbaby of some friends. I forgot to take pics of those, though, and can't find my camera at the moment.
We are back on two wheels once again!  We found a killer deal on a 2002 Stream Silver Goldwing.  It's been a long, long year, and it will be good to be riding once again.  Here's hoping that we'll have a little bit of decent weather before winter forces us to put it away.

Happy Halloween, y'all!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rock it, baby!
In a recent conversation with a friend, I was reminded how much I used to like Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).  I dug out my Greatest Hits CD yesterday morning and it has DRIVEN me to work and home again the last two days. 
Here are a few videos to remind you, if you've forgotten, too, or to introduce you to some really great music, if you've never heard them: 
Stellar rock band, symphony orchestra, astounding harmonies, amazing arrangements...intelligent Rock 'n Roll! 
Coming soon...finished socks!

Sunday, October 17, 2010 - The hardest quiz ever

So...I'm not as smart as I thought I was. = )

Sunday, October 10, 2010

And so it comes to pass that another fall is upon us.  I have begun to lose track of the years, and it takes some thought to calculate how many have come and gone, but one thing appears certain, they do seem to keep right on doing just that.
Fall has begun to show its colors of late, and the early signs promise a heartbreakingly beautiful display for the Fall in this year 2010.
I took these pictures yesterday during a short stroll about the marsh.  I was feeling cranky, tired, depressed and ill.  A good friend told me to go outside and so I did.  I weeded and raked my newest flower bed, got my hands nice and dirty, slipped off my sandals and wiggled my bare toes in the soft, warm soil, then headed out into the marsh.
 It was a good day for a stroll, as autumn days often are.  There was much to see and appreciate in the beauty of the marsh and stream, and it wouldn't do to stride, to rush, to hurry.
Fall seems such a peaceful time, and yet it is a riot of color, of flavors, of sights and sounds.  The entire world appears to be taking stock, storing up, making ready for the long, cold, gray days ahead.  Crops are being harvested, golden-orange pumpkins are stacked at every produce stand, and mums are in bloom. Bushel baskets of apples appear, red and yellow and green, and cider is freshly pressed.
Animals are preparing to hibernate, birds flock southward.  This great flurry of busy-ness will soon be followed by a period of rest.

Today I was out driving, and the colors have grown even brighter and more breathtaking overnight.  In one place, I drove through a shower of brightly-colored leaves that had just fallen. There were so many places I just wanted to stop, get out of the car, and walk into the trees to immerse myself in the autumn glow, but I will, perhaps, save that treat for another day.  For today, it was enough to be out and see it.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Yesterday was a wonderful was sunny and breezy and I actually got a kite to fly, for the first time since I've lived in this house! It flew high and strong, and I was able to run out an entire spool of line.  I dried clothes and sheets outdoors on my new clothesline, and they made the whole room smell fresh and new when I brought them inside.  I had a conversation with a dear friend who is about to realize a life-long dream that will bring much good to many lives (more to come as I learn how it will work), and that made me feel good, too.
Suzi asked to see a picture of Dave wearing his new socks. Here you go, Suzanne!  As you can see, they are not quite as green as the previous picture showed them, and that's a good thing....
He says he likes them and they seem to fit well, so I am happy. : )

It has been a beautiful fall day here.  I painted the last of the bedrooms, Green Tea is the color.  One step closer to a finished house!

I am feeling blue today, nonetheless, in part due to having to miss the Harrison, Arkansas gathering that so many of my friends are attending, and in part due to the continuing strife between my son and his wife.  Keep them in your hearts, thoughts, prayers...they need it desperately, as will all those of us who are watching them struggle.

Earlier in the week, I was notified that there were serious errors in the colorwork chart for my Texas sock in the Fifty Socks for Fifty States pattern book.  I went over the chart again, and hope that I have fixed all the goofs.  My apologies to all who have been trying to knit the pattern!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bits and Pieces...
a few pictures from the past few months, some small wonders and natural beauties...

A fawn at play in the yard early in the summer
 A rainbow that showed up one evening last week
One of the family of bunnies that lived under the DeadWalnutTree last spring
My brother-in-law's finished socks...started by my sister while she was still able to knit, and finished by me in late September. The yarn is from Lion Brand...Sock-Ease in Lemon Drop color.  The pattern is my own, a basic K6, P3 rib, with Eye of Partridge heel flap, extra-long legs to rise above Dave's boot tops.  The yarn is some that I bought when I was working at Hobby Lobby and gave to Cherryl.  Dave doesn't mind the color.  :)

Me, hard at work  =)  Life is good.