Friday, October 08, 2010

Yesterday was a wonderful was sunny and breezy and I actually got a kite to fly, for the first time since I've lived in this house! It flew high and strong, and I was able to run out an entire spool of line.  I dried clothes and sheets outdoors on my new clothesline, and they made the whole room smell fresh and new when I brought them inside.  I had a conversation with a dear friend who is about to realize a life-long dream that will bring much good to many lives (more to come as I learn how it will work), and that made me feel good, too.
Suzi asked to see a picture of Dave wearing his new socks. Here you go, Suzanne!  As you can see, they are not quite as green as the previous picture showed them, and that's a good thing....
He says he likes them and they seem to fit well, so I am happy. : )

It has been a beautiful fall day here.  I painted the last of the bedrooms, Green Tea is the color.  One step closer to a finished house!

I am feeling blue today, nonetheless, in part due to having to miss the Harrison, Arkansas gathering that so many of my friends are attending, and in part due to the continuing strife between my son and his wife.  Keep them in your hearts, thoughts, prayers...they need it desperately, as will all those of us who are watching them struggle.

Earlier in the week, I was notified that there were serious errors in the colorwork chart for my Texas sock in the Fifty Socks for Fifty States pattern book.  I went over the chart again, and hope that I have fixed all the goofs.  My apologies to all who have been trying to knit the pattern!