Sunday, November 22, 2015

Well hello there
Evening sky
All is well here, as far as I know. Latest blood work came back clean, next testing is in a week or so. Winter is here:

 ...and it's beautiful! This was the first snow of the season, and all of it came yesterday.
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I've done a lot of knitting, I guess, but I haven't finished much. The pair above was finished last summer, and immediately given to my friend, Michelle. 

Triple Threat Socks by KnittyMelissa
This pair was a test knit for another designer. Knitting them one at a time reminded me of why I usually knit two at a time. One is longer than the other, both had to have parts removed and re-knit. A lovely pair of socks, though.
I've had a pair on the needles for months that I can't show because they're a test knit of a pattern for 2016 Sock Madness. They're beautiful, though! :D Just finished them yesterday.
I just can't seem to get motivated to finish anything. I feel very well, but get tired easily and it doesn't take much to distract me. My hair is growing back:

Robby and Grandma

But it's not as long as Robby's yet. :-) This was Grandparents' Day at his school.

We've had kittens again:

Robby, Purrl, and some of her newest babies

All of the kids are growing. We love them tons and bunches!
Spring Dance at the kids' school

Nothing much to report, but sometimes no news IS very good news, indeed.
See you later...