Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rainy Morning
The colors of the world on an overcast day are so much deeper and stronger than when the sunshine is bright.  It's a rainy morning here, the sky is cloudy, and the greens and reds and yellows are breathtaking.  I know that in a while the sun will shine and the hues and shades will be washed out and pale. 
I hope that my colors also shine truest when the sky is dark. 

We were supposed to be at the seventh annual Dan Barr Memorial Golf Outing in Hubbard, Ohio, this weekend, but another summer cold for me has kept us home.  I hope the weather will be perfect for the outing and that it is another successful day.  Thousands of dollars in scholarship money have been raised over the past years to send the children of firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and the like to college.  This is the first year we've missed it, and I am so disappointed.  It is truly like 'going home' to visit our friends in Hubbard.  I hope that we'll be able to make the trip for a visit this fall.

I planted a tiny garden this summer, the first that I've had in years.  It was late before I got it planted, and it's unlikely that I'll get much of a crop from it, but it's been fun watching it grow.  The corn tasseled before it made any ears, so there will be no crop there.  I still have some hope for the watermelon, pumpkin, and purple-hull pea plants.

What are purple-hull peas, you ask?  According to all of my Southern friends, "That's some GOOD eatin', right there!"  I've heard that from folks all over the south, and when Mr. William and Ms. Nina sent me some seed last summer, I decided I had to plant them.  My friend John, from Louisiana, says we'll never get a crop, as our growing season isn't long enough, but we'll see.  I might not get enough to cook up a good mess of them, but I think I'll have a few to taste. 

May your colors be bright today.