Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Holidays to One and All!
It has been a quiet Christmas here at SunnyBrook. Christmas Eve was spent with dear friends, and Christmas Day was at home in pajamas until evening, then a visit to my dad's to see him and my brother from Canada. The grandchildren called on the phone to tell me what Santa had brought them...they were very excited! They'll be here for presents on Sunday. 
Jeanie's New Socks
There is fresh snow this morning and it has been very cold and dark, some days. I still love winter, nonetheless! It was so frigid one morning last week that the air sparkled with ice crystals. The sun shone brightly that morning and it looked as though I was being showered with diamond dust.

There has, of course, been knitting, although nothing terribly exciting. A pair of socks for my cousin:

An advent mystery knit-along. The pattern was for a scarf, but I made a few 'small' modifications, and mine will be stopped short, lined, and turned into a project bag, I think:

Sock Madness Forever Advent Scarf KAL
I love the bees! They were one of my modifications.

My Christmas Shimmer Walk Tree
My store is resplendent for Christmas:

Rudolph, the red-nosed PT Cruiser
Even my car is dressed for the season, as am I:

Becky, in scarf and FrigNhat

I received a lovely gift from one of my online knitting friends:

It is a tin, decorated like Dutch Delftware, and three delicious packages of Stroopwafels, all the way from the Netherlands! These are cookies made from two thin, crispy waffles and filled with caramel. You place one over the top of your hot cup of coffee or tea, and the caramel warms and softens...Yummy!
There is much talk of these treats in one of my online knitting groups, and I have been wanting to taste them. :o)

There is a blog that I love to read, written by a woman in the far northern reaches of Europe. Lene writes with grace, beauty, and deep love for nature and the ways of the world. She is endlessly creative. I never leave her blog without feeling warmed, calmed, centered. Visit Dances With Wool, and find a little peace for yourself.

There has been another friend lost. George Hudson, known from our motorcycle forum as "1lonereb" died unexpectedly in his sleep a week or so before Christmas. He was one of 'my' chatters, a dear, funny, eloquent man, passionately in love with his wife, their little granddaughter, and motorcycling. His wife phoned me to share the sad news. He was far too young and will be deeply missed.

Merry Christmas, a little late, and a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014 to you all.