Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Michelle has introduced me to a new favorite place...Globus supermarkets. They have everything...a hundred different cheeses, breads that will make you weep with delight, delicatessen meats, fresh fruits and vegetables of familiar and exotic sorts, and salads and savories.  Candies and chocolates of every description.  Every sort of food you can imagine comes in a squeezable tube: fish and meat and sweets and condiments and...well everything, I think!
And then, there is everything else one might need, toys and clothing and housewares and toiletries.  Around the perimeter of the store are alcoves with eyeglasses and shoes, magazines, glassware, tobacco products.  We shopped at a little antipasti shop with at least a dozen varieties of olives, six varieties of shrimp in sauce, squid and stuffed grape leaves and pasta salads.

Oh, and you can sit at a little table and enjoy a beer while your family shops! It almost made me wish that I like beer!

Globus Treats

I bought a freshly-grilled brat in a crusty roll for 1 euro...about $1.35 American.

I bought some sweets to take home, and a bag in which to carry them.  One does not automatically receive a free bag for one's purchases bags must be brought with, or purchased in the store.  It's a very smart thing, conservation-wise, and I hope that more American stores will follow suite.

Did I mention that you can buy just about any sort of food in a squeezable tube here?  I didn't buy any, as I was concerned about the flight home and remembering what happened to my ball-point pen on our flight to England some years back, but nonetheless...

I think that I could live at Globus.