Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring toes
  Yeah, baby...
See that? That's early spring at SunnyBrook!  Freakishly warm weather this past week has brought out bare toes and fresh red polish.
The spring flowers I've planted since we bought this house are really beginning to come into their own, multiplying and filling the lawn and flower beds.

Purple crocuses

The crocuses are blooming.  The forsythia is budding, lilies, tulips, and daffodils are up, and the grass is green.  On my way to work this week, I passed under trees that were preparing to unfurl their leaves, and the road was carpeted with red leaf-bud casings. 

Yellow crocuses

This is such a pretty time of year, and it comes JUST in time, in the course of a normal year. This year, though, we have had a very mild winter, and spring just seems to be so very early.  I am quite certain that we are not entirely finished with winter yet, but this is a welcome respite.

Petticoats and crocuses

There has, of course, been knitting.  I knit more when I feel stressed and apparently I have been a bit tense lately...I guess I'm still recovering from my vacation and have been very busy getting the store ready for our tourist season to begin in Shipshewana.

One more finished pair of socks here, the ones I began in Germany.  Opal yarn, from the old Petticoat collection, very pretty!  Basic vanilla rib with EOP flap and Dutch heel, of course. 

I've been trying, as well, to complete some socks that have been languishing in the UFO baskets, and there is a pair finished and drying on the blockers, and another pair finished to about four inches down the leg.
I have nothing profound to say today, just enjoying the spring weather, missing friends, reliving my recent trip to Europe, looking forward to a good year.