Monday, October 05, 2015


Typing this on my phone, which is a pain, so it'll be short and probably error-filled.
It's been awhile. There was the end of scheduled cancer treatments, we had summer, my father died, fall began. 
I've knitted, although not a lot, we've celebrated the birthdays of a couple of grandkids, my old PT cruiser developed severe problems, and we bought a shiny new yellow Prius C. 
This coming week, we head off to Harrison, Arkansas, for my favorite motorcycle gathering of the year. It was as we checked into our hotel there last year that I got the cancer call from my doctor.
This year, the plan was to celebrate the end of treatment and being cancer- free. Instead, I will tell my friends that my latest tests showed 'atypical' cells.
"Don't worry," they told me
"Your body may fight them off on their own," they said.
"But DON'T miss your December appointment," they said.
So I allowed myself a couple of days to freak out and be a big, weepy girl, and now we begin the fight once more.
Off to Harrison in a couple of days. I'll have my knitting. Oh, and don't worry that I'm publicising the fact that I'll be away and my house will be empty: with my son, his wife, and their four children still inhabiting it, it will be most definitely full!
Hugs to all.