Monday, November 01, 2010

Sweet... :)
This little baby set is for the forthcoming grandchild of friends.  Baby things knit up SO quickly, and the "awwwwwe" factor is always high.  These are in Schaefer Ann, in a colorway I've forgotten, with some Lorna's Laces in China Blue for the sock feet.  The Ann was left from my very first pair of finished socks in 2003.  I'd given the yarn to my sister, but my brother-in-law gave her knitting stuff to me after she died, and this yarn was so pretty I had to use it for this wee hat and socks.  This pic is way too dark, but I can't find my good camera right now. 

I found the basic sock pattern here and the basic hat pattern here.  I made some adjustments to the patterns, working a different toe on the socks and adding a cuff and a different stitch pattern to the cap.  Very, very cute and soft!