Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Snowstorm
Yesterday was the first Big Snow for this winter. It began in the afternoon, and by evening several inches had fallen, making roads slick and difficult to travel.
My usual twenty-five minute drive home from work took over an hour.

Early evening, Amish horse and buggy

The wet, heavy snow brought down branches and broke electric lines, causing power failures throughout the area.  Service was restored to my house at around 2:00 am.
I awoke this morning to sunshine and the special silence of a world blanketed in snow.
Even the wire fences were jacketed, and every fence post had its snowy hat

A stretch of open water along my drive to work

Brilliant sunshine on icy branches

The daylight hours are growing very short, and I need my headlights for the drive home from work now.  In less than a month, though, the days will begin growing longer once again.
Spring will come, as it always does.
Until then, we have snow and the beauty of winter.
Life is good!