Wednesday, November 15, 2006

As Promised...

New Pictures of Robby

Halloween was a great excuse to dress up the baby while he's still too little to protest! Here's our little stinker:

I made his skunk costume, using parts of two patterns and a little ingenuity. Isn't he adorable? He'll hate me for this one day, I'm sure...
I sewed most of his dad's clothes when he was little, and had almost forgotten how much I enjoy sewing. Yes, he's sleeping again!

Then I happened onto a post-Halloween sale, and found this little bee suit at 75% off...well, for $2.67 I couldn't resist. Look! His eyes DO open!

Grandpa and I got to keep Robby overnight last weekend and then took him to visit some friends who live about an hour and a half away. Uncle 5Ross and Auntie Joyce enjoyed meeting him, and he was SUCH a good boy. There's sure a lot of preparation and paraphernalia involved in keeping and transporting a baby. We had a wonderful time, and look forward to having him stay with us again soon.