Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Cancer Report
...and not the one I'd hoped to give

It's back, folks, and it's aggressive. I'd had some stomach problems, finally scheduled a ct scan, and it found a large number of masses in my abdomen. They are everywhere. The doctors are telling me that it will not be stoppable, but it may be possible to slow the progress.

Last Friday I was admitted to the hospital, where I underwent several procedures to lessen some of the resulting problems, and had my first new round of chemotherapy. Now we wait, and hope. 

I spent Friday-Wednesday in the cancer ward at IU Health Goshen Hospital. I cannot say enough what a professional, caring, amazing group of people work there. There are no words.

I am home again now, resting and taking the best possible care of myself. Rich has been wonderful, loving, supportive, all that I could ask. He has had some strong support from family and friends, and I ask that you all continue that for him. This is a hard thing for both of us, and not what we'd planned to be doing at this stage of our lives.

The grandkids have limited knowledge. Just hug them if you see them. I love them all so much! 

I love you all, too.