Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer Knitting
I've done some. I have lots of projects on the needles, started one pair of socks three times and ripped them back twice. They may never be finished.
Knitting is therapeutic.  It helps keep my hands occupied and my brain busy.  I've needed that. I'm glad that my friends let me knit for them in order to preserve my sometimes fragile sanity!
Socks for Robin in New Jersey

Fingerless Mitts for Jen in New York

Hat and socks for Miss Pepper in Louisiana

Sample Toddler Sock for a small class I taught last Spring

Socks for oldest granddaughter

The beginnings of a pair of Pay-It-Forward socks. I am not loving this yarn and having a hard time making myself knit with it.
If you look closely, you can see three hummingbirds in this picture.  There is a feeder outside the back door, and we're visited there every day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

 Late Summer in the Marsh...

Just a few images from my little slice of Heaven.  There are approximately five acres of marsh behind the house, containing abundant flora and fauna. We've mowed some small paths through the brush, but have left it mostly wild.  It is quite lovely and peaceful, and there is always some new sight to see.

Winter food for the birds

A small exercise in waterway diversion
Wildflower-lined path

A view from the bridge
Sunny clearing

    This is a very good place to be...

Friday, September 09, 2011

I find that I need a memory refresher!  I do, indeed, know what constitutes music a performed with only the human voice as instrument.  Some of the songs I posted here are NOT a cappella at all.  I can only plead that when thinking of these songs I remembered only the vocal parts and not the instrumentation that accompanied them.  Still good music, still amazing vocal arrangements and performances, but most definitely NOT a cappella.  oopsie...
And now, for your listening pleasure...
I love music a capellaThere is a TV show coming for another season called "The Sing-Off" that is all music made with just human voices, no instrumental accompaniment...I think I'm going to love it!  Here are some singers I admire and some songs they've sung a capella .

James Taylor, of course:

Is That the Way You Look? Click on the linkie thingie there to the left. I couldn't find a video of Taylor performing this song, but found this very silly video of a couple of kids 'dancing' to it. The song is not entirely a capella, but still great.

and another James Taylor: 

Noticing a theme here? What can I say? The man can sing!  

A Huey Lewis cover of a classic hit:
I've been playing that one in my car a lot lately...very, very loudly!

And one from Billy Joel:

Be aware that my dialup Internet connection prevents me from previewing any of these links, so I hope that I'm giving you the right ones! :D  Enjoy!