Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Wintry, Blustery Day 
It has been gray, cloudy, and windy, but still relatively mild for the third of November.  The skies have been pewter-colored all day, and it is lightly raining right now, with a temperature of around 48 degrees F.

I had the day off and around eighty miles of errands to run. I had not visited our local covered bridge in many years, so I stopped along the way to do a little sight-seeing.  The river is wide here, and it must have been a cold and windy trip indeed, crossing the St. Joseph River before the bridge was erected. 

 The Langley Covered Bridge has been carefully preserved over the years.  It still sees quite a bit of use, as the country road crossing it leads directly into Centreville, Michigan, the county seat.  In the five minutes or so that I spent there taking pictures, at least a half-dozen passenger cars and trucks rumbled across.

Hats in progress

Done, and done. Two "Jacques Cousteau" hats for my friends, Steve and Bob, and the Wild and Wooly Socks pattern test for Kathy Nehrenz.  As you can see, the chrysanthemums have faded considerably in the past week.

This is a wonderful pair of billboards that I pass on my drive home from work every day. 
I was a great fan of Jim Henson and his Muppets. 
I've always listed these three things as my Impossible Dreams:
1. Work for Jim Henson at his Muppet Workshop
2. Go up in the U.S. Space Shuttle
3. Sing backup for James Taylor


1. Jim Henson died
2. NASA never called and there will be no more shuttle flights now
3. James Taylor has been singing with the same group of backup vocalists for at least twenty years now.

And the other one...well, you know who you are.
The red billboard reads,
"This year, thousands of men will die from stubbornness"
Get a physical.
Stay healthy.
We care.