Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day Two: 29th March. Skill + 1UP
Look back over your last year of projects and compare where you are in terms of skill and knowledge of your craft to this time last year. 

  • I've knit quite a few non-sock items over the last year: several pair of fingerless mitts, a couple of tams for the granddaughters, hats for friends.  
  • I've become much more comfortable with mixing up odds and ends of leftover yarn to make some amazingly attractive items.  
  • I've become much more adept at determining the beginning of a pattern repeat, so as to make socks and other paired items match.
  • I've begun to teach a couple of ladies to knit socks.
  • I've written a number of brand-new sock patterns for my own use.
  • I've learned a different heel-turn technique (the Dutch heel, which I like very much) and tried the short-row heel again for the first time since my very first sock-knitting attempt (and I don't like it any better now than I did then!).
  • I have learned (or perhaps re-learned) just what good therapy knitting is, through the death of my sister and during the ongoing terminal illness of a dear friend. 
  • I am learning the ins and outs of using Ravelry as a social knitting network (I'm bookish98 there)