Friday, August 12, 2005

Brevity is the soul of wit. Somebody smarter than I said that. I shall endeavor to be more brief. Fat chance...

Here's a pic of DH and I (knitting) on our BigYellowBike. Note the helmets on the sidewalk. This is your first clue that the picture is a fake. The helmets are ALWAYS on our heads when we ride the bike. I do, however, knit on the back...I sleep a lot back there, too.

I knit socks on the back of the bike. I learned the 2 socks/2 circs technique just so I can knit on the bike without worrying too much about dropping a needle! My yarn ball rides in a little KnitKnackSack hooked over DH's backrest.

Frustrating day. I headed out this morning, resume in hand to apply for a job at a local bookstore. The owner was not in.

Thought I would mow the lawn. The shed where the bikes and mowers are stored is like one of those sliding puzzles. Move this piece up and over, then the next piece over two and down, and so on. Pushed my bike (Mini-Me) as far forward as I could. Backed up the BYB as far as I could -- man that thing is heavy! Started up the big mower. It ran out of gas. Put gas in. Tried to start the old mower so I could move it out of the way. Out of gas. Tried the big mower again. Wouldn't start. Closed barn doors. Went in house. Sheesh!

OK, that was not so brief. Will try again next time.

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