Sunday, September 11, 2005

Two More Finished Projects!
I finished two more pairs of socks this past week. I really need to get back to work!

Here, at last, are my finished Ducky Dew socks. The pattern is my original design for September '05 for the Sock of the Whenever Yahoo! group. Mine are 'fraternal' socks, because I decided I'd like black boots better after I finished the first sock with red ones.
The yarn is Lorna's Laces, and the colors are not as bright as they look in this picture.

These are also Whenever socks. This is Laney Yarn Fairy's pattern that I tested for her December kit. The pattern is called "Berry-licious". The yarn is Cascade 220 and is a worsted weight. These socks knit up so quickly I could hardly believe it. I finished each sock in one day!

Next on the needles: a little cardigan for our friends' baby, Hannah, and Frankie and Liz socks from the Sockie and Bob and Friends pattern I got in the bottle swap. I think I may put a Ducky Dew on the back of Hannah's sweater, and maybe I'll chart out an umbrella and a pair of boots for the fronts. I'm using Louet Merino Gems Opal yarn, but it's so fine I may rip it out and start over with a heavier yarn so it will get finished while Hannah can still wear it!


mama said...

Becky, you are so amazingly talented. I wish I had the time to attempt it. Luv ya Sarah

Becky said...

You are too kind, dearie. I'm thinking your hands are pretty full right now. Your time will come for this kind of thing, and I know the genes are there in you.