Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We're back!
We got home from North Carolina yesterday after a beautiful trip. The knitting had a good time, too. Wednesday we spent eight hours on the bike getting to Portsmouth, Ohio, where we were to meet friends for the rest of our trip to the Wings Over the Smokies Goldwing motorcycle rally.

Portsmouth Ohio, the Seawall Murals

Portsmouth is a town on the Ohio River. There are 2000 feet of hand-painted murals on the inside of the seawall, depicting Portsmouth, its history, industry, and residents. Here I'm knitting in front of one of the panels. Yeah, I know it's shoelaces, but it was the closest thing they had to anything textile-related! I love this picture beyond all reason -- look how thin I appear to be! Who could ever have suspected that my tiny knitting bag could possibly hide my huge, rounded, umm, posterior! I look fifty pounds thinner, which is probably about what the aforementioned posterior weighs! This is how I look in my mind's eye -- and then my physical eye catches a glimpse of the truth in a mirror. sigh.

Rich and the BYB in front of a mural of the Portsmouth Motorcycle Club. The photo at the top of today's entry is a detail of this panel. You can see it in the picture to the left, just behind Rich and the bike.

This panel honors our armed forces.

Here is the knitting, touring the Great Smoky Mountains. This is a hat for the kids at the South Bend domestic assault shelter. Rich gets poked a lot with the needles, but he doesn't complain...much! I use circular needles and they're not as poky as regular ones would be.

That's David (Bash) and Julie ahead of us on their bike. We met them through the bike forum I read, and they set up the ride from southern Ohio to North Carolina. Great people, and terrific travelling companions!

More pictures tomorrow, if there's time.

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mama said...

these are all really great photos...I especially like the one with the jacket and sunglasses...