Thursday, October 06, 2005

This is funny:

40 Things That Only Happen In Movies
Or, as I often say while watching a movie, "NOOOO, young soldier, please DON'T show us a picture of your sweetheart back home!"
It comes from this library newsletter:

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There's a Contest at Quiddity. It's called, "Show Me Your Socks." Here they are, at least the ones I haven't given away.

It's Fall, otherwise known as "The season we're given so that we can be numbed by its beauty, thus lulling us into complacency about The Season That Comes Next." Here's a sign. When we left for North Carolina this was the view from the sidewalk in front of our house :

When we came home, this was what we saw :

It's hard to tell the difference without enlarging the shots, but in the first photo there's corn in the field. In the second, there's none. They picked it while we were away. Next the leaves will be changing, then falling, then there will be snow. Sigh. We are one day closer to spring.


mama said...

how was camping.... we want pictures......

Becky said...

Pictures (only a few) coming soon to a blog near you!