Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Big Changes at Sunnybook Yarns!
I was tired of the look of the old blog, too dark, too Victorian, too...not me. So I've changed my template to this brighter, cleaner, roomier one. Hope you like it! I've added a button you can steal if you so desire and have the know-how to do so. I know barely enough to create it and then to get it into the template, so you're on your own!
There has been some knitting. I'm past the gusset decreases on my adapted Liz & Frankie socks, and I'm loving them. Pictures to come.
I am home sick from work today...the Crud of the Week continues. sigh. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. It's cold and snowy and the roads are slick, nevertheless I must haul myself over to the license branch to renew plates and driver's license, since they expire tomorrow on my birthday. Had planned to do it tonight after work, but might as well get it over with and come home to hunker down against the weather.
Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am truly thankful for all that I have, for my family, friends, and home, and for knitting!


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better and Happy early Birthday! :)


:L, Laura said...

so happy birthday and thanksgiving and now day after thanksgiving already!
how time flies... it was just summer.