Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nothing to see here...
Working is cutting seriously into my knitting time, so I have nothing to report but I didn't want the blog to feel neglected. I am just a few rows from beginning the toe decreases on Rich's boring navy blue Opal socks. There's a shop that sells all sorts of alpaca stuff just across the hall from the shop where I've been working. They have YARN! They're talking about expanding into a full-service yarn shop, which would be disastrous to my budget. I picked up a little finger puppet shaped like an alpaca for my Bottle Swap partner and a couple of skeins of yarn in a pretty, dark green to try out.
Upstairs from our store is a wonderful chocolate shop, and a puppet theater/shop. I bought two sheep puppets there, one for me and one for the lucky partner. I hope she likes puppets! I suspect there will be chocolate in the bottle, too...and probably a skein or two of alpaca yarn.
Nothing else to tell right now. I shall go knit, and maybe have something to show next time.

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