Sunday, January 29, 2006

Asleep on the Bike
From the comments:
CountryVariety said...
WOW - that is awesome - you can knit and SLEEP on the bike ! okay now I am worried that you'll fall off - see now you made me worry too much....

e's knitting and spinning blog said...
Sleeping Becky!?! Please I just am having nightmares of you sliding right off the back!

Aww shucks, you guys, thanks for worrying about me! Falling asleep on the back of the GoldWing is actually quite a common thing. Here's a thread from the GL1800 Riders' Forum where it's discussed:
The topic comes up pretty regularly during the riding season. As I mentioned in the thread, Rich always says it's not fair for me to sleep on the back of the bike because I won't let HIM sleep on the front!
Honestly, I don't sleep hard on the bike. I usually just doze (sometimes I snore!), so any unusual movement will wake me. The seat is wide and comfortable, the backrest wraps around me and comes up quite high, there are adjustable foot pegs so I can put my feet up a bit, and I have armrests. It's relatively secure.

In knitting news:
I'm working on the re-do of Haley's Roses. Just turned the heel and picked up the gusset stitches. I like the narrow stripes on the cuffs much better. I have to make the change in the pattern, then will send it off to a test-knitter and should have it ready for sale by mid-February. I'll show you a picture later.

Oh, an advertisement for anyone close enough to make it: the annual Pajama Sale is next Saturday morning at the Davis Mercantile in Shipshewana (if you're close enough to make it you already know about Shipshewana, LOL). There will be special deals from 6 am to 7 am for everyone who comes shopping in P.J.s! I've seen lots of 20% off and 30% off sale ads for the event posted all over the building. I don't know what our store will offer yet, but I've heard rumors and it sounds good!

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