Friday, January 20, 2006

Haley's Roses
This is a new pattern I'm working on. I'm calling it "Haley's Roses" in memory of our little great-niece, Haley Rose, who died just two months after her second birthday. She was the victim of neuroblastoma, a particularly vicious soft-tissue cancer.

The socks are coming along nicely, although I think I'm going to change the pattern so that the main color of the cuff is the same as the main part of the sock, with just a narrow band of the contrasting color at top and bottom. Yarn is Opal Uni-solid on size 0 needles.
Tell me what you think!
My Jaywalkers have been on vacation while I work on this design. I should be able to get back to them soon.


e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Oh I love it the way it is! What a wonderful tribute to your niece.

Becky said...

Thank you, E. I like the pink cuff on the child's sock, but I think the cuff will look nicer if I cast on in MC, then a few rows CC, rose panel, few rows CC, then MC again, I need to test it again, so will see. Maybe I'll write that into the pattern as an option.
Haley was a very special little girl and put up quite a fight, but the disease won in the end. Pink, however, was the only color option for me, as she was the ultimate "girly-girl!"

Jill Schaefer said...

Gorgeous socks and a wonderful tribute!

ChelleC said...

Hi Becky! I think those socks are really beautiful. What a lovely thing to do in honor of your niece's memory. Pink is lovely and I'd like to get this pattern. I'm doing a pair of Jaywalkers too, but mine are sort of on the back burner as well. Chelle

Shelley said...

These are amazing socks and what a wonderful tribute to your great niece... I am sure the little one is looking down and smiling :o) How sweet of you!


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Betty said...

Becky, thanks for stopping by my blog. I came over to see what you're doing and found you're tooooo talented for me. Those socks are delicious. Will the pattern be hard to follow for a newbie? If not, will you share?

It's particularly sweet that you're remembering your precious niece in such a creative and personal way.

Becky said...

I don't think it will be exceptionally hard for a newbie, but it's hard to know. Have you ever done any lace?
There's a neat little trick where you turn the cuff, and the heel is different, but not very.
I left you a message at your blog: I hope to sell the pattern once I have all the bugs worked out, and donate the proceeds to neuroblastoma research. Watch the blog for more details later.

Oh, I'm not all that talented -- just ridiculously fearless, LOL!

beadlizard said...

That is a LOVELY pattern! A perfect way to honor an innocent. Make sure to post to Jeanie Townsend's list when you put the pattern up for sale, okay? --Sylvia, 2-time cancer survivor

Lynette said...

Theses socks are adorable. I like the way they are, and I would like to see them with just the little trim of contrast,too. like you suggested. Too sweet. I would Pay for the pattern as well.What an inspiration. to use the money for research. Hugs.