Sunday, February 05, 2006

Haley's Roses (new cuff)
Here's the new version, finished, and a closeup of the cuff. I love the stitch definition of the Lang Jawoll. The roses actually look a little like roses!
I think Jawoll is my new favorite sock yarn.


Cherryl said...

I love the new Haley's Roses design. Let me know when you have it up for sale. Will you be in Goshen tomorrow night? I will stop by after I get off work, but probably not until close to 8:30. See ya.

Becky said...

The pattern is being tested right now. It should be ready to go soon.

I don't know about Goshen yet. I'm off work tomorrow, but have a bunch of stuff to get done. Hope to see you!

Jill Schaefer said...

Very cool socks!!!!

ChelleC said...

Becky, the new design is MAH-Valous. I don't like Paypal, can I just send you a check or some cash for the pattern? Let me know by email. Thanks!