Friday, May 26, 2006

Goin' Camping!
This may be my last post for a few days. We're leaving next Wednesday on the BigYellowBike for a trip to New York state. We'll be meeting up there with a bunch of other GoldWing riders to do a little riding and camping.

We'll be gone for about a week, and will stop and visit friends on the way there and back. I am eager to get on the road! We're looking forward to seeing some familiar folk and meeting lots of new friends.

My sister will be here to take care of the dog and cats and to see that all is well on the home front. I have a lot of sorting and packing to do before we leave, beginning with choosing my knitting for the trip. I want to finish a pair of socks I'm working on (Online Supersocke) before we reach our destination. I hope it's not too windy to knit on the back of the bike!

If you're out and about and see the BigYellowBike pulling a camper with a teal-blue cover, that will most likely be us. Honk and wave! I'll see you when we get back.


Sarah said...

Love you both, hope you have a safe and relaxing trip....New York huh....that's lots of knitting.... he he..

laura said...

have a wonderful time!
exciting to read about wee robbie! :L

:L, Laura said...

tell us how it was?? byb and teal camper! woohoo!!

what's the wee one's arrival date?


Sarah said...

Miss you, update soon, we want to see all that you have done.