Thursday, October 19, 2006

Some New Pictures of Robby
There's been knitting. Here's Robby in his new hat from Grandma, made from leftover self-striping sock yarn.

And here are Wee Robby Socks, one of my original patterns in Friendly Socks, Volume 2. See the Sirius Knitting link at right for more information on the Friendly Socks books.

My brother and his family came from Canada for a visit. He and his girlfriend brought his son and her four sons. You can see how excited Robby was to meet them all!

Here's Robby and Great-Uncle Greg

Darlene and all the cousins in my very messy living room.

The boys took turns holding Robby.

...and here's the very sleepy baby. Isn't he gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Finally, more pictures of Robby. He sure is a sweetie! Kisses for him from Aunt Cherryl

:L, Laura said...

just amazingly gorgeous!

Sarah said...

He is beautiful.....Robbie that is... Greg looks really good as well..... I am glad that he came and got to meet the newest addition... now I need to come up and meet him... How are Nick and Nici.. other than sleep deprived?

Sarah said...

C'mon Grammy....we know that you have more photos of that beautiful baby...