Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I can't find my camera this morning, but if you scroll down to the January 1 post, that's what it looks like outside ....
They just called from work to tell me not to come in today because the roads are too bad. Guess I'll knit! : )

On the needles:
Baby hat for friends' impending grandbaby: nearly done.
Matching socks for above: finished.
Chatroom contest RalphSocks: about four inches down the legs.
My socks (formerly FrigNsocks, but I liked a different yarn better for his socks, and so did he): past the gusset decreases.
My socks (bright red): starting the gusset decreases.
Hat for the knitting class I'm teaching: stalled. I already finished one to show the class, and only started the second one for demonstration purposes.

About the knitting class:
I was approached by a local township library to teach a basic beginner's knitting class. I've never taught more than one person at a time, and was a little reluctant (ok, scared half to death!) to take it on, but it's going pretty well! We had ten women sign up, with several on the waiting list. Most had no knitting experience, and one or two were taught when they were little girls, but hadn't done any knitting in years.
I chose Lion Brand Bulky for the yarn and we're using a hat and scarf pattern that was printed on the ball band. It's a very easy hat, knit horizontally rather than vertically, and all in garter stitch. We're not worrying about gauge, and the knitters are using needles in sizes 10-11. By the end of the second class, two of the women had already finished their hats. One of them had a family tragedy during the past week. Her grandson was walking along the road with a friend when a driver ran off the road and hit and killed the boy's friend. I downloaded instructions for a prayer shawl, taught her the purl stitch, and got her started on a shawl for her daughter. Here are some links to start a prayer shawl ministry of your own.

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Marguerite said...

Yes, it's snow, snow, and more snow this year. Today's was a very pretty snow - well, at least as pretty as snow can be at the end of February went I'd like to be able to see daffodils coming up.

Do you teach "throwing" or Continental style knitting? I've thought about teaching knitting, but I only knit Continental and it's probably a weird Continental at that. I don't think I could teach beginners. Or, more accurately, I don't think I should teach beginners and have them learn all my bad habits.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the teaching experience. I've taught computer classes before and totally enjoyed it.