Sunday, March 09, 2008

Texas-Bound and RalphSocks...

These little socks and matching hat will be on their way to Texas soon for our friends Suzi and Dale's brand-new grandson. Not-so-little J.D. weighed in at just over eight pounds on Thursday evening. I hope these will be big enough for him! Congratulations, Mai and Grandpa!

Regia yarn, basic baby socks and hat.

These socks are pair number four from the chat room contest I held in January. This pair goes to Ralph in South Carolina. KnitPicks Swish in worsted weight, using the same basic wide-rib sock pattern as the black socks shown previously.

Next up: the last pair of ChatContestSocks on the needles. This pair is in a cotton/wool blend for a recipient in Arizona.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

How cute and tiny are those?
I like the bright blue socks, those are awesome!