Monday, September 15, 2008

We had a little rain....
Hurricane Ike pushed some precipitation up our way over the weekend. Reports are that we got 15 inches of rain.
It was this deep...

Ok, not really...this is my "Reporter in Floodwaters" picture. I was on my knees. :)

It was really only THIS deep.

It was cold, too.

Our little stream only had a couple of inches of water in it Friday. This was how it looked at midday Sunday. The river flowing from the top to the bottom of the picture is usually a grassy path leading into the marsh behind our house.
The stream has retreated back into its banks today, but there is still plenty of standing water in the yard. It was a lot of rain, but I'm glad I'm here and not in Texas this weekend!

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Vicki said...

We got a lot of rain in Granger too--about 11 inches total. We fought water coming into our basement for two days. Glad you're ok.