Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mmmmmm.....Yarny Goodness!
It's been a sock-yarn bonanza here these past couple of weeks. I bought two grab-bag packages of Opals from one of my online knitting groups, and then the Crystal Palace yarns arrived for my Friendly Socks book samples. Yum! You can see the beginning of one of the samples at the top of the picture...

I didn't do much knitting over the weekend, though. We had guests from Alabama: Mr. William and Ms. Nina came to visit and to see our new house. It was a wonderful weekend! On Saturday we went to Shipshewana to see the building where I work. In the evening, my sister and her husband, and our friend, Michelle, came up for supper.
Neither Wm nor Nina had ever seen the Great Lakes, so on Sunday morning we rode over to Lake Michigan. It was cold, and there were icebergs on the lake. Ms. Nina couldn't believe that a body of water so large would freeze.
They headed for home Sunday afternoon, after a much-too-short visit. We are so blessed with good friends!
Now, back to knitting...

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