Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Stuff...
I bought a new sewing machine...I have a good one that just needs to be cleaned and serviced, but this one was only fifty dollars, and it would cost me at least that much to have the other one worked on. It's called a "Pixie II" and is made by Singer.  It's slow and loud and I think a bit temperamental.  We'll see if it makes the grade.  Since most of my sewing stuff is still MIA in packing boxes, I picked up a few doodads and gizmos and patterns and fabrics, too.  I'm going to do some sewing for the grandkids, and maybe for myself, as well.

I sewed a valance for Robby's room. It goes well with the quilt, I think.
I've done some knitting...finished up this long-languishing pair of socks.  I think this is Fortissima Socka.
And this pair. I started these while Rich was in the hospital recovering from his motorcycle wreck.  Need to find the ball band. I can't remember what the yarn was but it's lovely stuff.
I made some progress on Ms. Nina's socks. I hope to have them done in time to deliver them to her at the Tennessee Lunch Run in April.
I found this yummy sock pattern in this book, Easy Knitted Socks by Jeanette Trotman. I mentioned the pattern in a previous post.  They used Kidsilk Haze for the model, but I think I'll try something a little more affordable.

The job at Hobby Lobby proved to be a mistake, both for me and for the company.  I am going back to my old job in Shipshewana, beginning this Thursday.  I am very sad to have failed at this, but glad that my former employers want me back. 

We had the granddaughters over for the night last Saturday, for the first time.  All I can say is girls are really, really different from boys! 

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