Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Life Continues...

I was standing in the yard this morning, trying to find a good signal for my cell phone...yes, our coverage IS that bad out here...when I spotted this female turtle preparing to lay her eggs.  I think she is a snapping turtle, or 'snapper' as we call them, but I'm not fully conversant on the many types and species of turtles.   Her shell measures maybe nine or ten inches from front to back.  When I went back out a few minutes ago to get an accurate measurement, she was nowhere to be seen, so I suspect she has buried herself in the sandy soil, and is laying her eggs right now.  There is nothing visible out there right now except for a hole in the ground measuring about an inch and a half.
How cool is this? :D

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vivisue said...

I used to love picking up turtles from the road when I was a kid. Couldn't pass them up and I guess Daddy couldn't either 'cause we would always stop and take them home. Usually never found them again after about an hour or so. I left the snappers alone, though. YIKES!