Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer's Harvest
Our little garden has done better than I thought it would this summer.  I have picked two small batches of purple-hull peas and plenty of cherry tomatoes.  There are two tiny watermelons and one pumpkin, with a few small starts of pumpkins still developing.  They are unlikely to have enough time to grow, though.  
I was very surprised, then, when I saw that the corn stalks had actually produced a few ears.  Robby helped me pick them...

Grandpa helped him husk them.  I sent Robby out to the tomato plant, where he picked a cupful of cherry tomatoes while I microwaved an ear of corn, and just moments later...

In other news, Robby's dad and step-mom had their marriage ceremony last Saturday, and there was some dancing...

Friends spent the night here at SunnyBrook, and saw this on Sunday morning:

A drywall mudder came and finished the mudding and taping in the master bedroom and half of the living/dining area.  The bedroom is painted, a nice, soft, warm yellow called "Butter Cookie" from Behr, and it is lovely!

The memorial service for my sister was last Sunday, and it was a beautiful day.  Many people, both friends and family, showed up.  We ate, talked, hugged, laughed, shed a tear or two, and I hope we did well by her memory.  

The weather has been decidedly autumnal lately, with temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the high-70s.  We had some rain and wind yesterday, but otherwise it's been just perfect.  The leaves have begun to turn and the goldenrod is in full bloom.  Corn and soybeans are being harvested.  I do enjoy this colorful season!
I have been doing some knitting.  My sister had begun a pair of socks for her husband, but was not able to knit for the last few months of her life and so was unable to finish them.  She had made some sort of mistake and I had to frog them completely and restart them, but I will finish them for her wonderful Dave.  I've completed the gusset decreases and need to add another inch or so to the foot before beginning the toe shaping.  I have two other pair on the needles, and when they're finished I need to knit a pair for a friend to replace the pair that he wore out.  After that....hmmm.... :)  I'm sure I'll have another project to begin then!

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