Sunday, November 07, 2010

What a difference a year makes...
a year ago today, I was driving to the hospital to visit Rich after his motorcycle wreck the night, I went for my first ride on our 'new to us' wing.  We've had the bike for two weeks now, but I wanted Rich to get the feel of riding again before I climbed onto the back seat.  I figured today that he'd had enough time, and I wanted to go for one ride at least, before it gets too cold to ride.  I put on an extra layer or two of warm clothing, pulled on my riding jacket, pants, boots, and helmet, and we took off.
We didn't go anywhere special, just out and around. We stopped at a nephew's house for a quick visit and saw another nephew, a niece, and a great-nephew and great-niece while we were there, so it was a bonus visit. = )  We rode through some familiar country...this is a beautiful area, with plenty of trees and water and other natural glories to be seen. It was a nice day, with plenty of sunshine to help warm us.  It was a good day.
It was good to be out on two wheels again. 

And last night, there were grandkids! :) I spent a couple of hours with Layla, Robby, and Andrea while their dad and Rich ran an errand.  We watched Jumanji and played, and Layla did my hair for me. What a fun evening!

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