Sunday, April 03, 2011

Day seven: 3rd April. Your knitting and crochet time.
Write about your typical crafting time. When it is that you are likely to craft – alone or in more social environments, when watching TV or whilst taking bus journeys. What items do you like to surround yourself with whilst you twirl your hook like a majorette’s baton or work those needles like a skilled set of samurai swords. Do you always have snacks to hand, or are you a strictly ‘no crumbs near my yarn!’ kind of knitter.

I knit anywhere, anytime.  I always have several projects on the needles, and carry two or three with me wherever I go.  I knit while watching tv, while waiting for my slow dialup Internet connection, while walking, while talking with friends, during slow times at work (but not often!), while riding down the road on the back of our motorcycle.  I knit while reading, if the pattern is a simple one.
I don't have any special items surrounding me while I knit, just whatever happens to be in the vicinity.  If there's food, that's ok, but I don't have to have it, and in fact find that I eat less while knitting.  
My favorite knitting bag has an adjustable strap that I can fasten around my waist or hang over my shoulder.  It is a Knit Knack Sack from Nancy's Knit Knacks, and I've had it for years. The bottom is becoming a bit frayed, but it's still sturdy.  It's almost always with me, usually within arm's length.  I've carried it with me on many car and motorcycle trips, and on airplanes to Atlanta, Georgia and to London, England.  I would have liked to carry it with me to The Netherlands one day, but since I got word last evening that my friend there has passed away, that is unlikely to happen now.
So here we are at Day seven, and the last day of Knit & Crochet Blog Week.  Thanks for the opportunity to's been a busy and trying week, so I haven't had much chance to check out others' posts, but hope to do that as soon as things get a bit easier here.


Kepanie said...

That is one handy sack, like a fanny pack for knitting! Very cool how you carry knitting on a motorcycle trip!

Becky said...

I LOVE my knitknacksack! I highly recommend it, and they've improved the design since I bought mine.