Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time to Catch Up
August is nearly over, and I am behind.  I have enough blog posts to last a week, so will begin with a weekend with friends.

The Dan Barr Memorial Golf Outing
Ten years ago, our friend, Dan, convinced me that it was safe to ride a motorcycle. We had a couple of short rides with Dan & Peg, and one wonderful ten-day trip to the Outerbanks and back with them.  In July, 2003, Dan was killed on his bike when a driver made a left turn in front of him.
Every year since, in July, his family and friends hold a memorial golf outing, to commemorate a wonderful man and his life.  The proceeds raised provide college scholarships to graduating high school seniors in his town, first to the children of firefighters, policemen, EMTs and so on, and then to any young man or woman who graduates from Hubbard High School.  So far, there have been around SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of scholarships given away. 
Every year but one, when I was ill and my sister was in her final weeks, Rich and I have gone to the outing. He golfs, I help with the chili dog table at the turn. We've watched Peggy & Dan's family and legacy grow with the years, and hope to be able to be there for many more years.
The following, in no particular order and with apologies to all who are not shown here, are some of my favorite faces in the world:

And then, we returned home, and found two more beautiful faces that we love:

And many very beautiful days.

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