Sunday, October 30, 2011

Views from the Road
Some of the things I see on my drive home from work.
What great beauty and joy lie in this Earth.
Along the edges of the clouds were wispy trailers on this day, bringing short bursts of rain.

This is a lovely time of year here in Michigan, soon to be followed by winter, which I love equally.  The mornings have been frosty lately, so snow will come before long.  Some areas near me have already had snow on the ground. 
I saw a late bluebird this morning, sitting on the swingset in the back yard.  I hope he heads south very soon!  I've put off buying birdseed and filling the birdfeeders, because feeding the migratory birds will sometimes encourage them to stay North for far too long.
Last year at Christmas, when I asked Robby what he wanted Santa to bring, he said, "Lots of food for the birds!"
He loves to help keep the feeders filled, and to watch all the birds through the living-room window.

I have three projects on the needles that are within one day of completion.
Next up, socks for Layla, Ethan and Robby, then probably something for Andrea.  I need to see if they are in need of hats and mittens for this winter.

We attended a good friend's seventieth birthday last evening.  He is a great guy, one of the 'good ones', and we've enjoyed his friendship for nearly thirty years.
I am so blessed in my friends!

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