Friday, November 18, 2011

Small Joys...

Someone once told me that we are never farther than three miles from open water here in Michigan.  This little lake is the site of many happy days in my life.  My uncle and his brother-in-law built a tiny stone cottage on its banks many years ago and that is the place where my family reunion has been held every summer, for as long as I can remember.

Marl Lake Sunset

Last evening, there was a particularly lovely sunset and I stopped on my way home to snap a couple of quick shots with my phone camera.  I need to remember to carry a regular camera in the car!

A delightfully tacky Christmas shirt

 Christmas colors:
...and socks colorful enough to give the shirt a run for its money.

Santa is something of a landmark in the town where I work.  He has been at the window of my little shop for many years.  This year I took him home and replaced his faded trousers with a new pair.  Last year he fell out of the window during a windstorm, and it looked for all the world as if Santa had actually fallen from the sky and died on the roof of Apple Creek Alley...we got him down as quickly as possible, so as not to traumatize any small children!


Rita Mitchell said...

What a cute shop! Hopefully Homie will change his mind about visiting Michigan and I'll be able to see it in person some day....LOL

Becky said...

Thank you, Rita! I love my little shop. :) If Homie can't get over his pathologic fear of Michigan, you'll just have to come visit without him! ;)