Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Neuschwanstein Castle

Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein Castles in Schwangau.
We ate breakfast at our little gasthof on Monday morning and drove toward the castles. 

The houses, restaurants, and hotels in this Bavarian town are so lovely, it is hard to know where to look first.

Schwangau, seen from the Hohenschwangau walls

Parking lot viewed from Hohenschwangau. The red X marks the place from which we started our walk up to visit the castle.

Hohenschwangau tower

Hohenschwangau viewed from the town streets below

An I Love You for Robby, as promised!

Michelle at Hohenschwangau

The walk back into town

Another view of the town from the castle

 We walked down a snowy lane from Hohenschwangau into the town, where we caught a horsedrawn wagon-ride up to Neuschwanstein Castle,
the home of "Mad King Ludwig"
Photography was prohibited within the castle, but there are many, many images available in books and on the Internet.
This castle is purported to be the one on which Walt Disney based the
Cinderella's Castles
for which his Magic Kingdoms are so famous. 

Becky and Michelle, with Neuschwanstein Castle in the background
From Neuschwanstein, it was a four-hour drive 'home' to Michelle's apartment in Landstuhl.  Tuesday will be laundry and packing-up day,
and Wednesday I will fly back to Michigan.
What a wonderful time I have had!
What a wonderful friend I am lucky to have!

More images of the castles and Schwangau can be seen here.

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