Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day
with love

Paris, Day 2
We began our second day in Paris with fresh-baked breads and espresso in one of the many tiny sidewalk cafes.  I could very easily grow accustomed to this!

Sidewalk cafe
The Louvre

Sculpture garden, Louvre
And then to the subway to visit le Musee Louvre.

Louvre facade

Becky in front of the Louvre Pyramid

View from Louvre courtyard, showing Pyramid, Arc d'Triomphe, and Ferris wheel

Louvre facade with pyramid
Grand gallery with stairs leading to Winged Victory

Vaulted brick ceiling

Psyche and Cupid

Detail of Psyche and Cupid

Michelle's favorite sculpture

Gallery of Italian Paintings

Painted ceiling in Louvre

Venus de Milo
On to Notre Dame
Michelle, Notre Dame courtyard

Becky, Notre Dame Courtyard

The beautiful Rose Window

Michelle, Notre Dame Sanctuary

Becky in front of a church near Notre Dame

Pieta, Notre Dame

Paris street scene

Paris Allee

Very old half-timbered building
Louvre cherub
After a long and amazing day, we picked up our luggage at our hotel and boarded the train back to Landstuhl, tired but happy and ready for a good night's rest.
Monday was a resting day for me.  Michelle worked, and we finished the day with a simple meal at her apartment, followed by home made milk shakes and malts at the apartment of her commanding officer.
shhhhhhh......good night!
Sweet dreams!

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