Thursday, February 16, 2012

The "Porta Nigra" or Black Gate, a remnant of the Roman Empire

(pronounced 'tree-AIR')

Wednesday evening after Michelle came home from work, we drove to Trier.  Along the way we crossed over the Mosel River and passed thousands of acres of vineyards on the hillsides.  Many fine wines find their origins in this part of Germany.
Trier is Germany's oldest city, possibly dating back to 2000 B.C., and the site of a massive stone gate that dates from the time of the great Roman Empire. 
There is a marvelous central marketplace in the town, surfaced with cobblestones and surrounded by wonderful examples of German architecture.  Many of the little shops were closed by the time we arrived, but we spent a pleasant evening walking around the square. 
Michelle and I both forgot to take cameras, so the images here are from the Trier tourism Web site.

Ancient churches of Trier

Link to points of interest in Trier, Germany (be warned: advertising in Germany is not always G-rated, and I am blogging in that country tonight, so the link may lead you to some 'interesting' ads. I apologize in advance, if that happens!

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