Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This was just pretty cool...

A couple from New York was in my shop yesterday.  They were completing their purchases and we were chatting when her cell phone beeped, alerting her to a new email message.  Their son works for National Geographic, she told me, and he was standing in front of the White House when the Space Shuttle Discovery flew over, piggybacked on its transporting 747 en route to its new home at the Smithsonian.  What a marvelous image!  Thank you, ma'am, for emailing the picture to me so that I could share it here.  

Our great-nephew was removed from life-support yesterday.  Through his generosity and thoughtfulness in signing the donor box on his driver's license, he will make a positive change in the lives of perhaps as many as seventy-five people.  I hope that he will also make a change in the lives of the family and friends he leaves behind, healing hurts, sorrows, and petty disagreements, and bringing us all closer in his passing.  I hope as well that everyone will forget their differences and celebrate every minute of the too-short life that he lived. 
The following message was posted by Jared's father on Facebook

Status update
By Dave Yoder
Overwhelming= Understatement!

As I sit here this morning trying to take in all that you have posted for my son Jared Nathaniel Yoder and our family I am just in awe! Ive tried to "like" all that has been posted on my wall and dont mean any disrespect to anyone if I missed yours. To try and sit here and to tell each and everyone "thank you" for all your thoughts and prayers from this past week would take me several days. Just know if you prayed a prayer, if you posted kind thoughts for Jared and our family they didn't go unnoticed. Your support for Jared and our family this past week was by far greater than anything I have ever witnessed before in my life. To those of you that copied my updates this week and posted them to your walls' please do so with this as well so that I can thank everyone that posted for Jared. I am a humbled man with few words to say at this time. God Bless You and Thank You All!

Jared Nathaniel Yoder
10/5/89 - 4/17/12

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