Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good Morning!

 Well, hello there!
It's been awhile, eh?  My very slow dialup Internet has not allowed me access to updating my blog most of the summer. I'm at the library this afternoon, spending a rare weekday off sucking up some of their free WiFi. :)
It's been an interesting summer.  June and July were terribly hot and dry, August was very nice, with finally plenty of rain.  There have been reunions and dinners with friends and family, some health issues, some time spent with kids and grandkids, lots of days spent working at my little shop.
Oh, and there has been work finished on the house!  Nearly all of the hardwood flooring has been installed and finished, with more to come soon. It is turning out beautifully.
I've written many posts in my head, but they've all been forgotten now, I fear.  Here are a few of the things you've missed:

Ripe blackberries in the marsh

A perfect summer sky

A day with Robby

Toaster demolition

I was making some toast one evening, when the old toaster went POP! and tiny faerie lights began to twinkle in its darkest depths.  I thought maybe that was a bad thing for a toaster to do, so I immediately unplugged it and carried it out to the porch.  On Robby's next visit, he asked if he could take it apart...and so he did.  The grin you see here was what I got when I asked him what he thought his mom would do if he did that to her GOOD toaster?
Look at him...he is all legs and knobby joints, and he is growing so quickly I hardly know what to do. 
Flamingo Socks from the Big Bag O' Sock Yarn.  These are for me!  Many tiny balls of yarn were untangled from the great mass to make these.
Flamingo Socks

"Cinch Socks"
Cinch Socks Knit for the 2012 "Tour de Sock" and going to a friend as a gift.

I don't know when I'll be back here again. It will all depend on my dialup.  Until then, tot ziens!

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