Monday, September 23, 2013

William at Chattamoochie
Another passing
We have lost a very fine man. Mr. William McGee, of Tuscumbia, Alabama, husband, father, grandfather, friend, soldier and patriot, successful businessman, motorcyclist, citizen of the world at large, was taken from us two weeks ago by cancer. I knew William from the motorcycle forum and chat room that I frequent. He came into chat at first as the friend and riding companion of one of the regular chatters, and stayed to become very dear to those of us who were lucky enough to know him.
JP, me, William... "patpatpat"
Mr. William, or just Wm as we came to call him, was a true original. He was a prankster who loved to pull tricks on all of us, and who loved it even more when we managed to pull one on him though it was rare, indeed, to get one past him. 
He loved riding motorcycles, especially the Honda Valkyrie. He kept two of these beautiful bikes to ride, and considered any day that he was able to get out and travel a few miles on one of the Valks to be a perfect day.

At the Harrison, Arkansas, gathering

William's Valkyries
 He loved his friends, and was intensely loyal to those he cared for.  He adored Ms. Nina, his high-school sweetheart, wife, mother of his children.  We are all most fortunate to have known him, and to have been loved by him.  We will miss him deeply.  
Mr. William waiting for the Bull Shoals Ferry
JP, William, Wormy (top) on the ferry

Very full bellies after lunch at JoJo's Restaurant in Arkansas
Gail, William, Becky, Snoop, Rita, Frig, Larry, Joyce, Michael, Rickey and Denise, Banana Boy Jerry and Kathey, Dick Pointer, Steve and Sheila, Russ in back row
Rich, Boyd, JP in front row

JP and William
So long, William. I'll see you later, sir.

Not much in the line of finished knitting to show.  Just these:

But they are quite lovely!
Be well. Be strong. Be happy.

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