Sunday, January 05, 2014

Christmas, and the first big snow for 2014

It's all about the grandkids!
Some fingerless mitts for my co-workers. There's another pair done, too, but I haven't taken a picture of those yet.

And winter at Sunnybrook


In other news, my passport expires this year and will need to be renewed. I've been thinking, on my drives to and from work, about the last ten years. 

Ten years ago:
I had never even had a passport.
I'd never flown across the Atlantic Ocean. I've done that four times since then.
I'd never been to Europe. I've been twice now.
I was a few pounds thinner, a lot less gray-haired, and MUCH less arthritic.
I could still run up and down stairs.
I did not yet have my first daughter-in-law. Now I'm on my second one.
I had no grandchildren. Now I have four.
My sister and several other people who are very dear to me were still alive.
I had yet to meet four of those dear friends who have since died.
I was still living in the house where I thought I would spend the rest of my days on earth.
I had never visited Alabama, New York (state AND city), Mississippi, or Arkansas. I have now.
I was still doing library work. I miss library work very, very much, although I enjoy the job I'm now doing.
I had JUST learned how to knit socks. Now I have knit countless pair, taught people how to knit socks, and designed and had published several patterns for socks.
Oh, and I have knit socks while riding down the highway on the back of a Honda Goldwing.
I quit smoking after more than three decades.
There has been one breakup of a couple who are my friends in the past ten years, but not one single divorce between any friends.
Police have come to my house to arrest someone, and I have been to a jail to bail someone out. Those were new experiences.
I have hiked a mountain gorge in the Alps in icy February.
I have experienced Fasching in Germany. I got a little drunk (also a first for me!).

In the last ten years, I've seen the following wonderful things:
My newborn grandson's beautiful face.
The not-so-newborn faces of my beautiful step-grandchildren!
The city of London, England.
The city of Paris, France.
The Bavarian Alps.
The Roman Gate at Trier.
Munich, Germany, and the Winter Olympics Stadium there.

I have laughed, wondered, mourned, comforted, loved. It's been a pretty good run. 
Maybe I'll do another ten...


the blonde gardener said...

You've accomplished a lot in ten years! Isn't it crazy how fast it goes?
Grandkids are the best aren't they? Just think, in ten years they will almost be adults. Oh wait, don't think about that!

the blonde gardener said...

You have accomplished quite a bit in ten years! How fast it goes by. Love the snow pictures

Becky said...

It has been a pretty good ten years, I think. Add yourself and that guy on the front of your motorcycle to people I didn't even know ten years ago!