Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Try, try again... The closed-camper picture tells me it is very sorry for causing trouble, so it's getting another chance.
This side would be the back of the camper when it's set up. The racky-thingy on the top rests on the ground when the camper is opened, and allows for storage of our chairs and other stuff when closed. You undo some latchy-thingies on the left and the top just flips over, pulling the canvas tent and support poles with it. If we were unlucky enough to be setting up in the rain, we could, literally, be inside and dry in seconds...SECONDS, I tell you! Well, ok, maybe minutes. Slick.

Another shot of the loverly Aussie yarn, here tamed and wound into balls. Mmmmmmm...yarrrrrnnnn. TWO pairs of socks-worth, or maybe one lovely shawl...socks or shawl...socks or shawl...socks or shawl....

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