Monday, September 19, 2005

Donations for The Restash Network (click for more information)
My knitting guild, Stranded in Michiana buried me with donations for the Restash Network yesterday! My car was so full it took Rich and me five trips to bring it all into the house. Here are a few pictures of the loot they sent home with me:
I hope you can get some idea of how much yarn there is here. I have a large kitchen table, and it was completely covered with every imaginable color of acrylic worsted-weight yarn.
A lot of this will go to Paulette in Texas, who is teaching kids in shelters how to knit.

Here are books, needles, hooks, and notions. and one of the members went to Target and bought everything to make up several kits. Most of the needles will go to Paulette for her kids, too.

There is wonderful stuff in this pile -- sorry about the crazy angle!
There's Misti Alpaca laceweight, two big hanks of rayon chenille, a HUGE hank of fine cotton in charcoal gray, some vintage Bear Brand wool, two full cones and several balls of kitchen cotton, a ziploc bag full of tiny balls of mohair.
The pale green yarn in the background is some kind of wool from France that looks like there might be some mohair in it. There must be a dozen balls of that.

One of the guild members gave me a check for $25.00 to help cover postage -- thanks, Elizabeth, and thank you everyone for your generosity! I still have two boxes and three large shopping bags full of yarn to be sorted and shipped.

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mama said...

It is very encouraging to see everyone lifting the hurricane victims up and keeping them in thoughts as they give so abundantly. How awesome!