Friday, December 09, 2005

...and an Angel of the Lord came unto her...
Oh, I forgot to tell about this! Rich's Christmas office party was Wednesday evening. His boss took all the office staff and their spouses/SOs to the Blue Gate Restaurant (voted the third-best restroom in the U.S., I've been told. I find that oddly amusing. I mean, I used them, they're nice enough, but...???) in Shipshewana, Indiana, the town where I work. We had a family-style dinner and then saw a play called "Dove Tale," by Ted and Lee, a contemporary re-telling of the Christmas story. It's very cleverly written, with only three actors, a handful of props, and inventive set and costume changes throughout.
The guy who played Joseph and Zechariah and a shepherd who spoke, rather disconcertingly, with an odd Irish accent, reminded me of Jerry, a good friend of ours who moved to Texas last year, although Jerry doesn't have the accent. The actor who played the archangel Gabriel is very tall and wore the most wonderful bright-yellow canvas high-topped tennis shoes.
So Thursday afternoon I was at work in the shop, and I looked up and there stood Gabriel...well, there stood the guy who portrays Gabriel...and I thought, "Crap! I hope he's not here to tell me I'm pregnant!" (He wasn't, in case you're wondering. He was just looking around.)
There was knitting in the play...well, the "shepherds" brandished knitting needles and yarn and pretended to knit.


phoenix_anew said...

That's toooo funny, Becky!

:L, Laura said...

i've been meaning to buy high-toppers! thanks for reminder.
nope alana folded, but i have some 2ply which works for socks on #4 & #3 foot
or bigger for hats and etc. i have her other email for finer stuff? just not the web.
whatcha knitting?